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Common Queries

Are there beginner classes or trial classes for the bungee?

We have a beginner Bungee Flight class that is beneficial to those who are interested in learning how to fly.  It is not required to take but it is a focused class on the basics.  We will spend majority of the class perfecting our four basic moves that will then be used with choreography.  Our regular Bungee Flight class also covers these moves but much quicker as the core of the class is choreography.  Our Bungee Fit class is designed for all levels so there is no beginner class at this time.

Is Bungee Fit/Bungee Flight for everyone?

This new style of exercise is for all levels.  We ask that you are honest with your body and any injuries you may have and inform our instructors.  

I haven’t hit the gym in years. How can I get back into a routine?

Taking that first step is the best way to get back.  Find a class that interests you and sign-up.  That first class is always the hardest so it is crucial to go easy.  Find the fun while feel the fatigue.  If you love it, keep signing up and all of a sudden you have started your routine.  The key is the first step and then making it something you want to come back to.

I have some friends visiting. Do you offer guest passes?

We do not offer guest passes as we are a drop in location with no membership.  Keep an eye out for deals where you can bring a friend to check us out with a discount.

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