Our Journey

Tiffany has been versed in the Aerial Circus arts for many years.  She started as a young child a part of the Junior Gamma Circus in Bloomington, Illinois where she learned various circus arts and fell in love with flying and gliding through the air.  Her passion led her to Cirque Du Soleil, not as a performer, but as a General Stage Manager where she may not have been on the rig performing but she was in sync with all of the performers as she made their apparatus move.  As the stage manager she started to really learn more about the rigging and hardware side of aerial arts.  During this time, she met her amazing husband, Ryan, who was a Head Rigger on multiple Cirque du Soleil shows.  Over the years, Ryan and Tiffany continued to mature in the aerial arts field behind the scenes while raising two little boys.  About 6 months ago, Tiffany's friends challenged her to bring the Facebook rage of Bungee Dance to Orlando.  Challenge excepted!!!  

Tiffany took her expertise and started to work on the perfect harness and perfect bungee system in her backyard on a tree.  Yes you heard that correct, a tree.  She started with various manufactured harnesses and aerial harnesses so she could start to break down the feel, the bruising and the strain.  Her goal was to make a harness that was comfortable, supportive and easy.  She partnered with Bobby Talbert Inc. and Ryan to start to breakdown each element.  When no harness seemed to match her needs, Tiffany reached out to TaylorMade Harnesses by Nathan Taylor and started the work on a custom harness.  Nathan and Tiffany made about 10 mock-ups until the final product that those in the class wear.  Once the harness was built, Tiffany took it one step further to make a custom padded belt that could accommodate various sizes to add that extra level of comfort.  Now anyone can come into the studio, pick their size harness belt, grab a harness and adjust the legs and the waist and be ready to go.

The last step to the puzzle was the bungee system. Tiffany wanted to create a system that physiologically supported each move without putting strain on the body.  Again comfort and functional movement were key as this system was for multiple fitness levels, strengths and disciplines.  With support from Ryan and Bobby, Tiffany tried different bungee cords (shock cord, aerial bungee), different lengths, different number of loops and even different hardware.  There were great discoveries from the backyard tree to Peaches Dance Studio and finally to her space in Winter Garden, FL.  This custom system is now adjustable for all weights up to 300 lbs and heights.

Come try this custom system out and enjoy the comfort of flight and fitness!!!