Have you been wanting to try Bungee Fitness but not sure where to start?

We love new members.  The future of fitness is yours!

  • Bungee Fitness is for all levels & all ages

  • Two styles of classes with Bungee Fit & Bungee Flight.

  • Bungee Fit is a cardio/bootcamp style class that is full modifiable for all levels.

  • Bungee Flight is where you learn to fly and fall with some added choreography.  No dance background required.

  • Classes are light on the joints!

  • Don't let injuries new or old stop you as we will work with you and modified where we can.

  • Classes 6 days a week from 6am-9pm (see class schedule for details)

What is Aerial Yoga and is it right for you?

We love new members.  The future of fitness is yours.

  • Aerial Yoga is for all levels.

  • No yoga experience is required.

  • Aerial Yoga uses the hammock or silk to support your weight and guide you through common yoga poses.

  • Helps to ease pressure and has zero impact on the joints.

  • Helps decrease compression in your spine and joints.

  • Inversions are encouraged but not required.  Instructors are dedicated to modifying the skills based on your mobility.