Custom Bungee Fitness Harness!  This harness was made specifically for Bungee Fitness and is like no other harness.  Dynamite Fitness creator, Tiffany Roby, focused on the movement of the body and how the harness reacted.  She wanted a harness that was comfortable through out the workout and encouraged support in each exercise.  The distrobution of weight throughout the harness allow the body to move fluid and doesn't tug on areas of the body.  The key was comfort and support.




There are options to change the webbing and waist pad colors at an additional cost and is based on availability of colors and timeline for order.


Custom Harnesses (Made to order)


Available in Size 1 or Size 2: Size 1 can accommodate the S/M pads

                                            Size 2 can accommodate the M/L pads + has longer hip attachment


Waist Pads

Waist pads for harnesses available in S/M/L: (Sizes are approximate)


Size S

24” - 32”

Size M

34” - 42

Size L

42” - 50”

Bungee Harness w/ Waist Pad

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  • Harness

    The harness has been custom designed by Dynamite Fitness for the specific purpose of Bungee Fitness. It is comfortable, ergonomic and features a custom 4-way suspension system that allows for correct tension on the body in every position. It utilizes Type VII & Type VII Mil-Spec Nylon webbing, adjustable padded leg straps and a quick connect waist buckle.


    Waist Pads

    The waist pads are integral to the custom harness system and allow the user maximum comfort. The pads are made from 1⁄2” Ensolite foam and are covered with 420 D. waterproof Nylon Packcloth that will not absorb sweat and can be wiped clean after use. They also feature large pockets made with industrial webbing that connect to the harness and hold the pads in place during use.

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