No more having to stand on a ladder to get your clients in the bungee system!  This adjustable extension strap is designed for client and trainer ease into the system.  The fully extended strap is connected to the bungee system and placed on the clients harness.  Once attached the trainer is able to tighten the strap for an ideal bungee system tension.  In addition the client now has control of their own tension in the system.  A huge BONUS is that once the client gets comfortable, they are able to get in the system solo as well as give them their initial tension.

Extension Strap

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  • Adjustable Strap

    The adjustable strap is a unique feature of this system. It allows the user to easily connect to the bungee pack with no tension and then adjust the tension to the perfect level for their comfort. It is made from Type VII Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing with a steel adjustable buckle.

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